Who Will Take The MLB Tattoo Crown?

Who Will Take The MLB Tattoo Crown?

The playoffs are upon us, here are the best tattoos from each team left in the hunt for the title.

If anyone has paid attention to the painstakingly long baseball season, you'd know that we have now entered the postseason. With the Wild Card games out of the way, we have narrowed it down to the final 8 teams left competing for the World Series.

We thought it would be interesting to see which team had the coolest tattoos from their fanbase. What we did was search Instagram #(teamname)tattoo and see what their fans had going on. Let's have a look at some of these team pride tattoos.

The Dodgers are known for their rabid fanbase. I think this tattoo illustrates not only team pride, but California pride. The stadium in the state silhouette is a nice touch as well.

This person is definitely on the Maryland side of D.C. The crab and Maryland flag included in this Nationals pride tattoo is clear evidence of that. It shows dedication to the culture, delicacies, and one of the teams of Maryland.

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That's a great Chicago fan right there. Not only did they get their favorite Chicago teams in the tattoo, it all resembles the Chicago city flag. Very cool indeed. This person also clearly hates the White Sox, which makes them a true Cubs fan. 

A traditional Boston Red Sox tattoo?! Whoa that's freakin' dope. I'll say it was hard to pick a Red Sox tattoo, they definitely had the most options to select from, but this traditional tattoo is a perfect complement to one of the traditional baseball teams in the league.

Alright, going to be upfront here — it was kind of slim pickings for the Toronto Blue Jays. But what we did end up finding was a portrait of the iconic "Bat Flip" homerun hit by Joey Bats himself, Jose Bautista. This homer caused a ton of controversy, but it is certainly one of the lasting images of victory the Jays can cling to over the last few years.

The Texas Rangers had the best record in the American League this year, and they are a contender just about every year. This beautiful blue rose tattoo with the team logo is just about as classic as it can get, just like the Rangers.

The Blue Jays had very few tattoos to pick from, and the Indians had even less. Maybe it's because people don't want to get a tattoo of a potentially culturally insensitive mascot, or there just isn't a ton of pride in being a Cleveland Indians fan, but yeah... here's one of the more unique Indians tattoos.

What the San Francisco Giants lacked in sheer numbers, they made up for it in the quality of their fan tattoos. The Giants had the most varied designs and incorporated the logo in many different ways. And since it's an even year (The Giants have won the World Series on even years exclusively lately), I thought I'd include another Giants tattoo.

This tattoo includes some of the San Francisco landmarks along with the Giants logo and beautiful script. For my money, they take the cake in terms of the best fan tattoos.

What do you think? Who do you think wins the World Series of tattoos for these MLB Playoff franchises? 

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