Why I Love Tattooing By Denny Michaels

Why I Love Tattooing By Denny Michaels

I chat to USA-based tattoo artist Denny Michaels.

Denny Michaels tattoos are striking, bold, and cover all tattoo styles from neo-traditional to black and grey and Japanese. 

"I love to exceed my clients expectations."

I interview tattooist Denny Michaels about his career so far, and plans for the future. Denny has been tattooing for 11 years now, and is currently based at Columbus and Warren (two shops) in Ohio, USA.

"What I love most about tattooing is the ability to create something unique for people that leaves a lasting impression," says Denny. 

"I love to exceed my clients expectations. I love the freedom to travel and to focus solely on my passions in life. And I love the industry that I am part of, the people I've met and all of the experiences that have and are still to come."

"To be a better father, artist, and human."

"Some of the goals I've set for myself is to be a better father, artist, and human. I also want to travel abroad and expand my clientele to a more international level. I really want to travel Europe next year and tattoo/visit some of my favourite shops and meet some influential artists to learn and grow from."

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