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Why These Tattooed Hands Send Out a Strong Message About Tattooing

Why These Tattooed Hands Send Out a Strong Message About Tattooing

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These cool silicone tattooed hands form part of a major exhibition in the UK next year.

Wondering why you keep seeing tattooed plastic arms in your feeds this month?! That's because a ton of amazing tattooists are creating these art pieces for an upcoming exhibition.

Tattoo – The British History of Tattoo Art Revealed! is a new exhibit due to open at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall in March 2017, running until January 2018, and the #100Hands project will form part of it.

The exhibition will tell a story that challenges long-standing myths and pre-conceptions about tattooing, at the same time as celebrating the astonishingly rich artistic heritage of tattooing as an art form. The museum has gained access to the most important private collections of tattoo material in the UK, providing a rare opportunity to display artwork and artefacts not otherwise available to the public – showcasing major tattoo artists from George Burchett, via the Bristol Tattoo Club, to Alex Binnie, Lal Hardy and other celebrated contemporary artists of today. 

#100Hands forms part of the exhibition and is curated by freelance editor and publisher of Things & Ink magazine, Alice Snape. Alice has invited 100 of the leading UK tattoo artists to help create a sculptural ‘map’ of the British tattoo scene today. What they create will form a visually stunning centerpiece to the is Tattoo exhibition - they have been asked to tattoo silicone arms which will be built into the sculpture.

These arms are not just a piece of art... they will act as a unique installation that celebrates the quality and diversity of British tattoo artists today - they will forever be used as a reference point and archive of the rich tattoo scene existing in the UK today. They will preserve this moment in time of British tattooing - this isn't just a short-term exhibition but a stand to place tattooing alongside history, culture, and art.

Alice says "I am excited to be part of this groundbreaking tattoo exhibition. #100hands will see the 100 best tattoo artists in the UK tattoo silicone hands that will form a sculptural map of the British tattoo scene today."

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Written byRebecca

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