Why You Should Absolutely Get F*ckin' Jacked Before You Get a Tattoo

Why You Should Absolutely Get F*ckin' Jacked Before You Get a Tattoo

Getting fit is dope and having a tattoo when you're fit is dope.

Hey there! Are you tired of being a scrawny little twerp? Tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing the awesomeness that you think you deserve to be? Tired of getting pushed around and bullied? Well, you've come to the right place because ol' Sloppy Joe here has the cure for those insecurities and fears about your body.

Get in the fuckin' gym, nerd!

Being a fit person can also make your tattoo life exponentially better, as we will discuss in a bit, but first...

A tattooed guy lifting weights. #weightlifting #muscles #muscularman

I think we all can agree that tattoos look super sweet. You are literally adding pieces of art to your body and compared to the price of a painting on a canvas, it's relatively cheap. It's something that lasts permanently and can add character and personality to your skin.

You know what else adds character? Getting fucking massive/large/huge at the gym. Not only does it have health benefits, but it looks super good and can shape who you are as a person.

Getting fit and active takes discipline. Discipline = character building. GET IT?! It's straight-up science. 

The benefits of getting in shape before getting a tattoo are innumerable. #Muscle #Muscular #ripped

Let's just have a gander at some of the health benefits of going all savage and lifting heavy shit at the gym. 

Oh, it improves bone density. You'll have the densest fuckin' bones, bro. That's important for when you're older and your bones get all brittle. No body likes that shit, dude.

What else? Uhh... it increases the strength of connective tissue, muscles, and tendons. That means you're less likely to tear your ACL or whatever when playing pick-up hoops with your friends.

You depressed? Get liftin', idiot! Studies have shown that lifting weights helps fight depression because of the release of sad-feeling-fighting chemicals in your body. It makes you feel good up in your head 'n stuff.

It also lowers your risk of diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and injury overall.

I mean look at this dude, his risk of diabetes is so fuckin' low, bro.

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Tattoos can accentuate your physique. #muscles #Physique #StomachTattoo

But the benefits of lifting don't just extend to your health. Aesthetically, it's just a better look according to most of society. Don't let those "dad bod" promoting dorks prevent you from gymming it up hardcore.

People who work out and get in shape report having a higher "body confidence." Duh.

But when it comes to tattoos, the timing of your foray into fitness is crucial. You see, skin stretches, and the shape of your body can greatly affect the way your tattoo looks.

You see, if you're obese and want to lose weight/get fit, you're most likely going to be dealing with some stretched out skin at some point. If you already have tattoos, the shape and structure of your skin is paramount to having that ink looking good, so I implore you, get into the gym as fast as possible and do it before you get a tattoo.

Getting fit can benefit how your tattoos look. #Muscle #Muscles #ChestTattoo

You just don't know what kind of complications can arise when you are getting your tattoo before you have the revelation that you want to have abs. Sure, there are parts of your body that are relatively immune to much change, like your forearms and upper chest, but when you're making giant shifts in your physique, it's best to hold off on getting your ink. Think of it as a reward for getting into shape.

Consider this — when a woman has tattoos on her stomach and gets pregnant, the skin stretches and then deflates, causing massive stretch marks that can potentially ruin a tattoo. The same can be said for a heavier person who decides to lose weight and get fit. The skin's elasticity can only go so far, and it can cause negative effects on the tattoos you already have.

Plus, tattoos just look more badass and rad when they are on a ripped person. Well, just about everything looks better when they are on a ripped person, but that's besides the point.

So, the benefits of lifting weights are innumerable. The benefits of getting tattoos are innumerable. You just need to make sure you know what you're doing when it comes to both practices in order to achieve the peak benefits to look good and feel good.

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