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Wild and Powerful Tattoos by Alex Wild

Wild and Powerful Tattoos by Alex Wild

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

These fierce and bold bangers are creations by the solid tattoo artist, Alex Wild!

Traditional tattoos get that extra punch with fierce looking tattoo subjects such as wild and snarling animals. These crazy and solid vibrant traditional tattoos done by Alex Wild just might stir your imagination enough to get that inspiration for your new tattoo!

Crazy looking gorilla tattoo holding a pinup girl. Rad tattoo by Alex Wild! #AlexWild #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #gorilla #woman #pinup

Alex Wild is a solid tattoo artist from Stuttgart, Germany. His tattoo work is a refined execution of traditional bold and bright tattoos that look super solid and strong under the skin - something that is truly loved by classic tattoo collectors.

Leopard head tattoo on foot done by Alex WIld. #AlexWild #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #leopard #leopardhead

Having fun with his tattoo subjects, it is a real treat to see artists like Alex Wild working on old school tattoo images such as the panthers and gorillas. I also love how he does those gorillas holding pinups. I am really a fan of this style, and I bet you will be too!

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Pharaoh's horses tattoo by Alex Wild. #AlexWild #traditionaltattoo #boldtattoos #pharoahshorses #horse

Images from Instagram, cover image by Gregory Gittins/Old Swiss, via Alex Wild's Facebook

Written byrcallejatattoo

A tattoo artist working at Good Hand Tattoo, Metro Manila, Philippines. Forever a student of tattooing, art and life. A loving husband and a proud father of three. Follow me on Instagram @rcallejatattoo

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