Wild Thing U Make Our Heart Sing: Nature Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Wild Thing U Make Our Heart Sing: Nature Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Nature tattoos keep us covered when we're stuck at our jobs in the city and need a little bright, fresh air.

Nature tattoos form a vast and varied collection of gorgeous tattoos that, at the heart, are wonderful homage's to the world we live in. Where would we be without all the jungles, desert, forests, and snow covered continents? Basically, we'd be floating out in space on a giant crusty meteor without much beauty or comfort. Especially considering that without nature, we'd all die. So, hell yeah, congratulate nature in all her glory, and celebrate with a super sweet nature tattoo like the ones we've gathered here. From lush landscapes by Noel'le Longhaul to sweet and soft Lovebird goodness by Tattooist Doy, we hope this selection of pieces will inspire you to get your own homage to nature.

One of the cool things about nature is that it is an ever inspiring thing...from the beginning of time humans tried to understand their surroundings by making creation myths. These are myths and legends by cultures around the globe explaining how nature came to be. Although they differ greatly sometimes, the underlying themes usually remain the same: there is clearly a wonderful respect for the natural world and all it has to offer. These nature tattoos certainly do an awesome job of exploring this wonderment humans still feel when faced with the beauty around them.

We love these nature tattoos, and we love what inspired them. So much so that we've promised to set aside special time to binge watch the new season of Planet Earth. We still haven't gotten around to it, and considering how gorgeous the last season was, we can only imagine what's in store this time around. Plus, David Attenborough's voice is so seriously soothing that sometime when we can't sleep we put on Planet Earth just to calm the f*** down. Perhaps Planet Earth 2 will inspire our own nature tattoos...as if these awesome pieces hadn't done the job enough!

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