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Will Suicide Squad's Joker Have this Comic Book-Accurate Back Tattoo?

Will Suicide Squad's Joker Have this Comic Book-Accurate Back Tattoo?

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It seems like there may be one more major tattoo we haven't seen yet from Suicide Squad's Joker.

When Suicide Squad introduced the latest look of The Joker that's supposed to follow the steps of the late Heath Ledger's dark, iconic Joker, fans weren't happy.

Many weren't too thrilled to see a heavily tattooed Joker with grills and an undercut. (Tattoo discrimination triggered! Just kidding.) Of course, the rest of us are simply too excited to see a tattooed version of one of the best comic book/movie villains there is, knowing especially that he'll be played by an amazing actor, Jared Leto, who did not disappoint with his roles from films like Requiem of a Dream and Chapter 27. 

Photo of Jared Leto from his official Facebook page. #JaredLeto #joker #suicidesquad #selfie

After a few action-packed trailers and sneak peek selfies on the web, we've already gotten a pretty clear picture of what Jared Leto will look like as The Joker. Hot Topic recently released some Suicide Squad merchandise which included action figures of Mistah J himself. Fans immediately spotted a very familiar back tattoo on the mini figure they've seen somewhere else.

Courtesy of DC Comics – Jim Lee. #DC #dccomics #JimLee #joker

It looks like Suicide Squad isn't the only DC universe where we see Joker get inked. In Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All-Star Batman and Robin series, The Joker was designed with a large, elaborate, irezumi-inspired dragon tattoo on his back. The mini action figure has the similar design which could indicate that Mr. Leto may debut with his own back tattoo in the film.

Suicide Squad Joker is also seen sporting the same tattoo in official action figures being sold as tie-in official DC collectibles line. If that's not canon, we don't know what is. 

Suicide Squad action figures, photo found on Tumblr. #suicidesquad #actionfigure

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