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With the Grace of Nature: Art Nouveau Tattoos

With the Grace of Nature: Art Nouveau Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

This collection of Art Nouveau tattoos shows how the organic beauty and grace of nature perfectly compliments the body.

As many of you may know, Neo Traditional tattoos are heavily inspired and influence by Art Nouveau...and, truly, it's one of our favorite art movements as well...and there have been so many great Art Nouveau tattoos out there that we finally just had to round them up into this awesome selection!

If you're interested in this art movement, and Art Nouveau tattoos in particular, you may want to consider looking into the artists who are considered the pioneers of this movement. Mucha, Klimt, Kay Nielsen, Bilibin, and more were all huge supporters of this artistic aesthetic and created tons of works that still inspire us today. 

Perhaps a perfect example is Théophile Steinlen's poster of a black cat; an iconic piece "Tournée du Chat Noir" has been replicated millions of times and can be found in poster form, on kitchen towels, on umbrellas,'s never ending!! Which is why it's wonderful that people still so fully resonate with this art movement: it still surrounds us, and finds its way into our lives, and onto our skin too! 

Written byTattoodo

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