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Wonderful Gradient Tattoos That'll Paint Your Skin With Lovely Hues

Wonderful Gradient Tattoos That'll Paint Your Skin With Lovely Hues

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Step up your game with tattoos that have a lovely gradient effect that's bound to be the next big thing in the scene.

Instagram may have screwed it up by messing with gradient colors on their logo but these tattooers will bring back your faith in gradients with a refreshing take on gradient tattoos. Contemporary tattoo artists and micro workers alike have recently been experimenting with gradients on their works by blending them into the linework, using as little black ink as possible for the outlines, and making use of basic elements such as crescents, lines, and swatches in creating gorgeous gradient tattoos.

Gradient tattoo by Ida. #Ida #gradient #hue #color #mix #swatch #art

The Sweet Subtlety Of The South Korean Tattoo Trend

I've mostly seen the use of gradients in tattoos by South Korean tattooers but experimental tattoo artists like David Cote is no stranger to gradients — he's been using the technique for years in creating his unique, trippy pieces .

Gradient tattoo by Banul. #Banul #gradient #hue #color #mix #swatch #art

Here's a stunning gradient tattoo by South Korean tattoo artist Banul as she created a stunning contrast on basic colors and monochrome gradients.

Gradient tattoo by Mini Lau. #MiniLau #gradient #hue #color #mix #swatch #art

Hong Kong's Sweetheart Mini Lau And Her Subtle Tattoos

Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get To Know: David Côté

Gradient tattoo by Yaroslav Putyata. #YaroslavPutyata #gradient #hue #color #mix #swatch #art

Ukrainian Hand Poke Tattoo Artist Plays With Pink And Turquoise

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