Wonderful Semi-Abstract Geometric Tattoos by Hill

Wonderful Semi-Abstract Geometric Tattoos by Hill

Taipei-based tattoo artist Hill blends geometry and abstraction in wonderfully chaotic fineline tattoos.

Not everyone prefers art as realistic and detailed as possible in booming color realism or soulful blackwork. Some like to keep it simple and interesting, finding small wonders in simplicity and minimalism. Hill, a tattoo artist based in the capital city of Taiwan found his style in clean lines, abstraction and geometry. He then patterned his work from these three basic aspects of art to create unique, semi-abstract tattoos with minimum yet welcome presence of color.

Hill is currently experimenting with making an image surface out of an abstract design, blurring the lines between palpability and abstraction. He is also playing around with pure abstract works by using different colors of ink to create clean lines and simple patterns and geometric figures.

Aside from his abstract and geometric aesthetics, he's also known to do common designs like nature sceneries and floral embellishments, but it's his semi-abstract geometric tattoos that stand out the most. Unlike most generic designs, his pieces will turn out to be one of a kind because the details and linework don't follow a traditional pattern, setting him free to do as he pleases. 

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