Wonderfully Colorful Tattoos by Ilona Kochetkova

Wonderfully Colorful Tattoos by Ilona Kochetkova

Bright contemporary tattoos at their best courtesy of Ilona Kochetkova

Ilona Kochetkova's tattoos will definitely bring some color to your day.

Abstract shapes, funky colors and contemporary style are brought together in one design by Ilona Kochetkova, and the results are excellent. Tattooing from Good Sign Tattoo, Minsk, Kochetkova has an exciting style that embodies all the best bits of modern tattooing and each of their designs is as colorful and energetic as a tattoo can be. Really pushing the boundaries in terms of style and color..Kochetkova is an artist you need to know and one you're certain to love. 

Whether you're after some awesome inspiration or just want a bit of color to brighten up your day these brilliant tattoos by Kochetkova will give you what you want. As always you can show Kochetkova some support over on Instagram so be sure to head over after you've got your fill here!

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