Woo Loves You and Woo Loves The Pink Panther

Woo Loves You and Woo Loves The Pink Panther

Tattoo artist Woo Loves You has an extensive collection of Pink Panther designs.

The Pink Panther is an iconic cartoon character that rose to prominence in the 1960s and has remained popular ever since. The subject of many cartoon shorts and live-action movies, The Pink Panther follows the adventures of Inspector Jacques Clouseau as he bumbles his way through solving crimes. 

Tattoo artist Woo Loves You has a special relationship with the Pink Panther, as many of his illustrative designs are inspired by the cartoon character. Once you take a look at these tattoos, the Pink Panther's theme will ring through your head.

These designs go beyond straight copying and pasting images of cartoon characters. They have flavor and life and they've been taken in a completely new direction. You've never seen The Pink Panther like this before and you will never look at him the same after seeing these awesome designs.

Follow Woo Loves You on Instagram to get you fix of The Pink Panther and a ton of other unique designs.

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