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Woohyun Heo's Zany Double Image Illusion Tattoos

Woohyun Heo's Zany Double Image Illusion Tattoos

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Eccentric South Korean tattoo artist Woohyun Heo goofs around with pop culture icons through his kooky ‘doubleface’ creations.

No, this isn't the Woo tattooist who gets to rub shoulders with American celebrities and does single needle technique. But you're gonna love him anyway. Woohyun Heo makes it loud and clear that he's here to have a lot of fun – it says so on his profile. And I can tell by the playful way he designs his works in a bold, traditional style that centers around pop culture icons like Spiderman, Super Mario, and Mickey Mouse.

He personally calls his style ‘doubleface’, which refers to the double image illusion his tattoos present — drawn in such a way that kibitzes with the mind making one see two images at once. His doubleface tattoos often feature the heads of pop culture icons formed by a miniature versions of themselves to resemble a head or sometimes, a pin-up lady is used.

Daisy Duck double image illusion tattoo by Woohyun Heo. #doubleimage #doubleface #double #woo #wootattooer #woohyunheo #southkorea #southkorean #cartoon

Woo operates in Seoul but is known to travel around so you just might get a chance to get his doubleface pieces on you one of these days. Aside from double image illusion tattoos, Woo also creates a wide range of eccentric designs that suits a curious man's taste.

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