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Work Within These Walls: Square Tattoos

Work Within These Walls: Square Tattoos

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These square tattoos prove that designs don't always have to be free form to be fabulous.

Tattoos are usually supposed to fit seamlessly into the bodies natural curves, but these square tattoos show that this is not always the case. Here at Tattoodo we love tattoos that use creative ideas in new ways, and this collection shows some of those off. Many tattooists prefer to freehand designs because they fit with the body better, and it's true. It's always incredible to see a piece so perfectly moving with the body, that it's almost like it the person was born with it. However, sometimes a framed piece can be put in a really sweet spot...just check out these square tattoos!

In our 2019 trend report, we talked about how replicating famous paintings was on point for this year...and some of these square tattoos definitely fit into that category. We've seen favorites from Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso popping up everywhere...and since we're art history nerds, we couldn't be happier! In this collection we've found a tattoo perfectly capturing the work of Alex Grey. But there are some other, more photographic looks as well. In fact, Sion's piece is from a photograph a client of hers took, while A Zamp had some fun mimicking Polaroid's to capture Big Foot and Moth Man!

Here's the thing: good tattoos break all boundaries, and there are so many different ways to create one. Sometimes good tattoos aren't even technically good...but they mean a whole lot to the person who will wear it forever and that's what counts. These square tattoos may not actually fit with the "rules" of tattooing, but you can see how beautiful they are. And some are just straight up clever...take Rebeka Chase's Tank Girl tattoo. It's a portrait inside of an Ace of Clubs! Iconic, smart, and sweet...tattooing is an art form and that means breaking the rules, and having fun to create incredible things.

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