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World of Wonder: Magical Fantasy Tattoos

World of Wonder: Magical Fantasy Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These fantasy tattoos will take you to otherworldly places beyond you wildest imaginations and dreams!

These fantasy tattoos literally capture that magic that fills us with pure imaginative glory. Whether you love the knights of the round table, Hogwarts, fairy princesses or even sci fi, these fantasy tattoos are sure to blow you away. For this selection we tried to include everything from illustrative to neo traditional...because each style perfectly embodies the subject that it portrays. Check out the Dungeon and Dragon kitties by Anka of Brooklyn's Black Iris Tattoo or sweetie Sam Smith's fortune telling goddess...or even Sadee Glover's Whomping wonderfully illustrated in such heart warming detail.

When we were kids fantasy books and films were a way of escaping the annoying adult's funny but as a kid you really want to be an adult so no one can tell you what to do, and then you grow up and realize that...there's almost always someone telling you what to do anyway. Here at Tattoodo we're fortunate enough to freakin love the crap out of our jobs, but we still have hum drum days, our maybe we get our heart broken...or our cat dies...or we just had to move across the country and spend a whole lotta money on a moving truck. Whatever it is, even if it's not job related, all of us needs a little escape here and there. These fantasy tattoos are a perfect way of always keeping that with us.

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