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Wrap Me Up in Ink: Torso Tattoos

Wrap Me Up in Ink: Torso Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

From bad ass back pieces, to chest pieces, ink on ribs and are some of the best torso tattoos out there.

This collection of torso tattoos includes some of our favorite placements for pieces: chests, back, the rib area, and of course, the super devoted mark of a tattoo aficionado, the bodysuit. Whatever place you choose to put your ink, we think that many of these torso tattoos will give you some serious inspiration for concept, design, style, and, obviously, placement too. We tried to bring together a selection from a wide variety of artists and aesthetics because we know that everybody has a different perspective and need! That's what we love about the tattoo community...the diversity of people and art!

So, obviously, we use the term 'torso tattoos' as just a super blanket generalization for pieces that are on that part of the body...and thankfully, it's a big ol' part. You've got tons of room, tons of ideas, tons of artists you want to collect pieces from...and thankfully, you've got the skin to match. And lots of it! Woopie! In this selection of torso tattoos we've included illustrative, traditional, black and grey, blackwork, and more. But don't fret! If these torso tattoos aren't your thang, we promise we have about a billion more in our awesome app.

By the way, if you haven't gotten our app by now, you should probs get on it! Tons of people, artists and shops included, have picked up the app because it has the highest quality of curated tattoo images and information out there. Get schooled on everything from tattoo care to tattoo removal, find brand new artists to blow your mind, or find a shop near you that can fulfill your bodysuit dreams. We are dedicated to bringing you the best of the best, every single day. Cuz we eat, sleep, and daily drool over tattoo stuff. Yes, torso tattoos included, but literally everything else too!

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