Writers Wanted: Scribes, Wordsmiths, and Awesome Essayists

Writers Wanted: Scribes, Wordsmiths, and Awesome Essayists

Wanna write for Tattoodo? We're looking for awesome authors who love tattoos, the tattoo community and are passionate about writing.

Tattoodo is devoted to creating the best content out there within tattooing. Our writers, producers, social media curators, and tech team all work super hard to support the arts, engage the community, and promote events, among a million other things. We’re always looking for new talent, however, so if you’re interested in becoming a part of the Tattoodo family, see below for submission guidelines!

Right now we are looking for contributing authors that:

- Write well in a clear and engaging style

- Can write about tattooing and tattoo culture with engaging, descriptive language

- Are willing to contribute at least one article per month

- Have a good handle on the English language, but live anywhere in the world.

It would be awesome if you have experience blog writing, but it’s not totally necessary. We’re just looking for talented authors who are passionate about tattoos and the huge community and culture that surrounds the art form. We will help you along the way to execute your desired topics, curate images, and make sure that your voice is heard in the most exciting and professional way possible.

Right now, we're also looking to expand our events coverage to all over the world, so no matter where you live, we'd love to collaborate! We really want to bring on writers that are down to check out cool tattoo art gallery openings, know about the best underground talent, are aware of tattoo news before it hits the mainstream...and so much more! 

Submission Guidelines:

To submit your writing for consideration to be included on the Tattoodo site, please email your submission to justine@tattoodo.com with  “AUTHOR INQUIRY - [YOUR NAME]” in the subject line, including the following:

- Introduce yourself – please tell us a bit about your background, where you live and what you’d be interested in/capable of covering.

- Tell us why you are interested in writing for Tattoodo and why the tattoo community is something you’re passionate about, as well as any experience you may have within the tattoo community.

- Provide links, or attachments, to previously published writing, so we may read examples of your work.

NB: All authors who write for Tattoodo will be acknowledged and credited on the website. This is a freelance intern position. You’ll not only have your articles published on a high quality globally recognized platform, giving you professional writing experience, but you’ll be able to support awesome artists and more, be involved in the community like no other, and have access to some incredible events. 

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Need some inspo or guidance to what we're really looking for? No worries. We do articles on events like Musink or tattoo art book releases, we interview tattoo artists like Ana and Camille or visual artists like Cheyenne Randall, we even write guides like Why Tipping Your Tattoo Artist Is So Important, the History of Chicano Tattooing, Ancient Body Modifications, and even stories about Self Harm Cover Up Tattoos.  

We're looking for people with great writing skills, for sure, but we're also looking for people who are super passionate about the tattoo community and really want to explore all aspects of it. Be original and be imaginative. We can't wait to hear from you!

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