WWE Superstar Charlotte's Tattoos

WWE Superstar Charlotte's Tattoos

Charlotte was part of the Divas Revolution, and she recently took the time to explain the various meanings behind her tattoos.

The daughter of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, was born to be a WWE Superstar. After training in gymnastics for many years, Charlotte made the switch to bumping around the squared circle. She has already accrued numerous accolades in her brief stint with WWE, earning the NXT Women's Championship, the now-defunct WWE Divas Championship, and of course, at the time of this writing, is the current WWE Raw Women's Champion.

But if you've watched her in-ring work closely, you probably have noticed that she brandishes quite a few tattoos. Charlotte recently revealed their meanings in an interview with WWE commentator, and host of Superstar Ink, Corey Graves.

Charlotte's hearts tattoo. #Charlotte #WWE #WWESuperstar #Hearts

Charlotte's first tattoo was the outline of two hearts, a tattoo that she and her friend, Ashley Heard share. The tattoo is near her hip bone and Charlotte herself describes the tattoo as "ugly."

Charlotte has a Bible quote on her side. #Charlotte #WWE #WWESuperstar #Bible #BibleTattoo

Her next tattoo is a quote that resides on her ribs. The tattoo reads, "Guard your heart above all else, for it will determine the course of your life." She and her sister both have this Bible quote tattooed on them, and according to Charlotte, they both got the tattoo while they were going through divorces.

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Charlotte's tribute tattoo in honor of her brother. #Charlotte #WWE #WWESuperstar #cross #crosstattoo

On her other side, Charlotte has a tattoo dedicated to her brother, Reid Fliehr. Reid died in 2013 due to a heroin overdose, and had a similar looking tattoo on his back.

Those close to Reid Fliehr all got a tribute tattoo. #Charlotte #WWE #WWESuperstar

Charlotte, Reid’s girlfriend, Charlotte’s brother, Charlotte’s brother’s wife, Charlotte’s sister and Charlotte’s sister’s husband all got the same tattoo as a memorial to their deceased loved one.

Admittedly, Charlotte says that all of her siblings used to make fun of the tattoo when Reid got it, but she believes he's gotten the last laugh in the situation. "Reid’s probably laughing in heaven like, 'You guys made fun of this tattoo. Well guess what? Now you all have it.'"

Charlottes's GNR tattoo. #Charlotte #WWE #WWESuperstar #GunsNRoses

Finally, the tattoo that says "a little patience" on Charlotte's wrist is another tribute to her brother. Charlotte revels that Reid's favorite band was Guns N' Roses and they would frequently sing the song "Patience" together. So she got the tattoo as a reminder of not only Reid, but also to be patient.

Not too many Superstars have tattoos more meaningful than Charlotte, and hopefully her career will lead her down a path of greatness to make her family and fans proud.

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