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Xenomorphs and Space Ships: Spectacular Sci Fi Tattoos

Xenomorphs and Space Ships: Spectacular Sci Fi Tattoos

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This spectacular collection of Sci Fi Tattoos includes some of your favorite space ships and Xenomorphs.

Perhaps at the mere mention of Sci Fi, you are transported back to high school when groups were separated into their social ranking and personal proclivities. You think of teachers stuffing 1984 down your throat as if it were the only novel ever written, or of the Star Trek nerds who hovered quietly in the library geeking out over comic books and video games. But, if you'd like to think you're not interested in those things, take a look at this selection of Sci Fi tattoos. Star Trek, yes, but also Alien, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even our little friend Wall-E all make appearances. Sci Fi means many things...but it certainly almost always means a little magical technology, and a whole lot of adventure.

The films above are some of the most famous Sci Fi films, as are hits like The Matrix, Bladerunner, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Really, if you haven't seen the Matrix and have not yet started to question "the system" we grieve for you...but almost anyone can say that at least one of the films above hits them on a gut level. And that's because Science Fiction speaks to our deepest fears, our most existential questions, and our dreams of the future. Although currently we do not live in the Jetson universe we all thought was inevitable, these Sci Fi tattoos prove how dear we hold the imaginative musings that cross galaxies and time.

Whether you're a gamer that loves post-apocalyptic fantasies sprinkled with Science Fiction surprises like in Zelda, or funky old school films like Titan A.E. and Spaceballs, or ultra serious horror flicks like Solaris, Alien, Sphere and Event Horizon...the fantasy, the unending possibilities of the future within travel, and teleportation..the opportunities for dreaming and exploration are exciting...and we love that they end up as ink in these clever Sci Fi tattoos.

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