You Can Get a Free Tattoo in London Next Month

You Can Get a Free Tattoo in London Next Month

Yes, you read that correctly. FREE.

In case you’re in the London area, and feeling a bit down about the inevitable end of the London Tattoo Convention, we’ve got a little pick me up for you. London Cocktail Week is drawing near, and starting October 7th, you can get a free Sailor Jerry flash tattoo.

In partnership with the east London tattoo shop, Cloak and Dagger, London Cocktail Week will be offering free Sailor Jerry flash tattoos to those with a LCW wristband. Sailor Jerry, one of the most prominent names in tattoo history, and arguably the biggest name in traditional tattooing, is predominantly characterized by his use of iconic sailor imagery, including anchors, dice, pin-up girls, and Hawaiian themes. The widely popular Sailor Jerry’s rum will also be on hand serving their signature Ginger Colada cocktail.

So if you’re at least eighteen, stop by the Cloak and Dagger shop from October 7th-8th. Flash work will be available on a first come first serve basis from 1:00-6:00 pm, and it’s free! Why the hell wouldn’t you go?

Tickets are available through Drink Up London.

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