You Could Be a Living Canvas: Famous Painting Tattoos

You Could Be a Living Canvas: Famous Painting Tattoos

In this collection of works of art, we give you some famous paintings tattoo that show just how fancy our favorite fine art can be.

Tattoos aren't often thought of as genius works of art...which is totally crazy in our opinion, but famous painting tattoos? Those are kind of hard to write off as just homage's to sailor culture. 

As time progresses, so do our tastes...and this means evolving tattoo styles. One of our favorites right now is the fine art tattoo trend: turning your favorite work of art into a permanent wearable creation. 

If you're interested in museums or galleries, if you love to gaze at paintings forever, or even if you're just a weekend warrior who digs Da Vinci, this collection of famous artworks will show you just how easy it is to start a fine art collection of your own! 

It looks to us that the different types of famous paintings turned cool tattoos is just as diverse as the style of art to begin with!! Which...obviously makes sense...there's surrealism, impressionism, watercolor, scratchy illustrative, and even lux black and grey realism. 

The tattoo artists we show you here are masters of their's the only way you can be sure that your fave painting won't turn into a gross mish mash of color...ya gotta be a master to replicate a master, ya hear? These aren't exactly that type of tattoos you can get in someones basement or kitchen set up...and we hope that's not what you're here for since we're all about giving you great tattoos that you'll love forever. Because, for real, tattoo removal sucks. 

The thing about some of these famed works of art is that they capture something, a feeling or a memory, deep within us. These pieces resonate with us because they capture the essence of being human in all of its diverse elements. 

Even if a replication famous painting tattoo isn't exactly your thing, we hope you can appreciate the love and care that went into these pieces. It's so cool when you can connect with a work of art! And that's exactly what you should be doing with tattoos in the first place...that's why we love tattoo artists who take tattooing seriously and are always taking it to another level. It's inspiring!  And maybe it'll inspire you to get one of your own...

If you haven't gotten your first tattoo yet, be sure to check out our Comprehensive First Tattoo Guide! We've also got tons of other guides that show you how to care for your new tattoo, how to talk to your artist about custom tattoos, and even the deep murky waters of tattoo etiquette. We got you 24/7/365. 

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