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You Could Never Forget This Face: Famous Portrait Tattoos

You Could Never Forget This Face: Famous Portrait Tattoos

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These famous portrait tattoos are of unforgettable faces of people who we dearly love and admire.

There are some faces you will never may be because you admire its beauty, or its passion. But to be sure, there are definitely some famous portrait tattoos that capture the perfect look of a favorite character or person, famous or not, real or imaginary. Portrait tattoos are difficult ones to carry off, to capture someones character and look within a 2D form is precarious...we've all seen famous portrait tattoos gone wrong. Someone tried to pull off a Madonna, and instead pulled off a Manson. Our love for the art form of tattooing goes strong, and these famous portrait tattoos are perfect examples of why we love tattoos so much!

Perhaps the stand outs of this particular collection of famous portrait tattoos are the Madonna by Nal Tattoo, and the awesome Robert De Niro piece by Cold Gray. Some really incredible work is sparked by the famous..and representations of them can sometimes be funny or cheeky, but other times, like with these two, the piece is spot on. There is absolutely no question of who it is, and that is awesome. If you're ever in need of a portrait tattoo we hope you'll reach out. Our speciality is finding the best artist for the right tattoo!

Within our app you can find tons of artists who specialize in portraiture, but if that isn't your thing we also have artists who do traditional, neo traditional, blackwork, realism, and more. We dedicated to bringing you the best tattoos and the best artists in one awesome community space, and it wouldn't be as good if you weren't there! Check it out, download it and don't forget to hit us up with feedback. If this collection of famous portrait tattoos doesn't inspire you, we're sure you'll find something on the app that will!

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