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You Fit Me Like No Other: Perfectly Placed Tattoos

You Fit Me Like No Other: Perfectly Placed Tattoos

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These perfectly placed tattoos prove how important body placement can be for really awesome ink.

When a tattoo gracefully wraps around the body in such a way that it almost seems as if it had been there all along, that is one of the many marks of truly great work. While some artists may haphazardly place stencils on, a perfectly placed tattoo helps to show the design to its best advantage. Whether a large back piece, a tiny filler, and everything in between, perfectly placed tattoos are so good you just wanna stare at them for days on end. And for this collection of pieces, we certainly wouldn't mind doing just that.

It definitely depends on the design, and obviously where it will be placed, but if these two aspects can meet and meld beautifully in the middle, it really helps. It also may have something to do with the of the pieces in this selection of perfectly placed tattoos is by Tattooist Ida of rose petals elegantly falling onto the shoulder of a girl. It's so organic and fluid, and totally matches what the artist and client are trying to say with this particular piece. And this is a fine example of a perfectly placed tattoo. The same goes for Austin Maples scalp piece! It's a total beaut!

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