Young Cubs Star Rocks World Series Champions Tattoo

Young Cubs Star Rocks World Series Champions Tattoo

Javier Baez came to camp with a tattoo that was 108 years in the making. You can't wear a World Series Champs ring on the field, after all.

Normally teams are expected to act "like they've been there before" after they win a championship, after all, nobody likes a sore winner. But when your franchise has gone over a century between titles we're going to cut you a little bit of slack. That's why we love the bold statement Chicago Cubs infielder Javier Baez made when he rolled up his sleeves to reveal an enormous World Series Champions tattoo. 

If there is one thing you can say about the cocksure Baez, it is that he has never lacked confidence. In fact, from time-to-time he has to dive in the dirt to avoid a pitcher who is less than pleased with the way he carries himself. 

As if showing up with that tattoo wasn't enough to create headlines, here's the "car" Baez drove to "work" today. 

It takes more than a little bit of an ego to drive one of these things. (Photo via Twitter - CarrieMuskat) #cubs #sports

Baez is barely 24 and appears to be having a hell of a great time, so kudos to him. At least he waited until the Cubs actually won the world series to get the tattoos, unlike a couple of fans who came a rain delay away from going down in history alongside Steve Bartman and the Billy Goat. Although, to be honest, Baez actually has a tattoo of his own that he got a little prematurely. Before he even made the majors he had the Major League Baseball logo tattooed on to the back of his neck, in the same spot that the logo rests on every player's jersey. 

Javier Baez rocking a tattoo that couldn't have existed for the last 108 years. (Photo via Twitter - CarrieMuskat) #cubs #sports

There is one aspect that worries us about Baez's ink — the size. That thing is gigantic, it takes up a massive amount of previously clean space, space that Baez is quickly running out as he adds to his collection. This Cubs team is stacked and may very well be adding to their ring total over the next couple of years, what if there isn't anywhere for Baez to put the requisite celebratory tattoos? 

And if Baez is looking to stake his claim as one of the cocky players in the league, we have some advice for him. Baez and the Cubs are playing the Cleveland Indians on Sunday. This will be the first time that the two teams have played since their epic World Series. So, how badass would it be if #9 walks out to the field in a sleeveless jersey, á la Ricky Vaughn? Do it Javier, do it. You'd be a legend. 

Correction: We mistakenly referred to Baez as an outfielder in the first version of this article, when he actually plays in the infield (second base and third base primarily). 

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