Young Woong Han's Lively Neo Traditional Style Cat Tattoos

Young Woong Han's Lively Neo Traditional Style Cat Tattoos

Cat-obsessed tattoo artist Young Woong Han brings dozens of cats to life in his vivid neo traditional style.

Adopt your own neko with Young Woon Han's lovable neo traditional cat tattoo series. 

Young Woon is an up-and-coming South Korean tattoo artist who proved to be somebody to watch out for with his neo traditional animal tattoos. He's currently crossing out a number of pieces on his cat tattoo flashes as his clients keep coming in to pick up their own kitties. Young Woon occasionally guest spots at famous tattoo shops like Lighthouse Tattoo, the same shop where fellow neo traditional tattoo artist Varo operates from.

Young Woon designs his cat tattoos with predominantly traditional Japanese and Victorian elements. There you get to see daruma cats, sumo cats and samurai cats looking badass and adorable at the same time.

That cute butt though.

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