Your Accessible Guide to Micro-Blading

Your Accessible Guide to Micro-Blading

Getting your eyebrows done is all the rage nowadays — but how does it work?

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If you’re someone who regularly wears makeup, then you understand: doing your eyebrows is a huge pain. Toss some warm, humid weather into the equation, and your eyebrows become a drippy mess. So when we learned about micro-blading, a cosmetic tattooing technique to enhance eyebrows, we were naturally drawn to it. But how, exactly, does micro-blading work?

Micro-blading by Claire Vuillemot (via IG-clairevuillemot) #microblading #cosmetictattoo #faq #clairevuillemot #eyebrows

1. You’re not being tattooed with a machine — it’s a small hand tool with a bundle of needles.

A tattoo machine is going deep into your skin — past the epidermis, into the dermis. That level of brightness and depth isn’t necessary for the dainty softness an eyebrow has. So, a hand tool is used to detail out your eyebrows. Your artist is gently painting the look of eyebrow hair on, not deeply tattooing into your skin. The key to natural looking brows is hairs that aren’t uniform.

2. Unlike the cosmetic tattooing of the ‘90s, the ink being used is a cosmetic pigment, so its color isn’t as vibrant or intense.

Cosmetic pigment doesn’t have the same vibrancy as tattooing ink — otherwise your eyebrows might take on a cartoon-like quality. The soft, temporary nature of this ink gives a more natural look. These inks are regulated by the cosmetic industry, and used much the same as other tattooing inks.

3. Aftercare is similar but requires a bit more attention since the ink is different.

According to tattoo and micro-blading artist Claire Vuillemot, “Aftercare for cosmetics are pretty different from regular tattoos. I'm sure every artist has a different healing method. The most important thing for these fineline brows, that I've discovered, and what I recommend to my clients is they must be kept extremely dry.” It takes about four weeks for your brows to completely settle in.

4. Micro-blading is NOT permanent, so reapplication is the only way to keep those eyebrows looking fierce.

Due to the nature of the pigment, the ink doesn’t last forever. You’ll want to come in for a touch-up 4-8 weeks after your first appointment, and will probably need a freshen once a year. It depends on your skin and how much sun you get.

Claire Vuillemot can be found at Laurel Beauty Studio in NYC, and on Instagram.

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