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You're Like a Walking Museum: Incredible Fine Art Tattoos

You're Like a Walking Museum: Incredible Fine Art Tattoos

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For many people, tattoos are a collection of pieces that belong in a museum and when you see these fine art tattoos you'll agree!

Have you ever looked down at your skin and been like...omg...I'm covered in the most incredible art? Perhaps, for those of you who are heavily tattooed, having ink is like a second skin that you barely notice anymore. Then, for others who contemplate each of their tattoos as if it were their last meal, especially if you only have one or two...maybe this moment of recognition happens often. Regardless, most people who are serious about tattoos would say that all tattoos are fine art tattoos. It's this art form that we dedicate our skin to for goodness sake! It's a life decision, no matter how small.

These fine art tattoos, however, are stand out examples of literal fine art replications that just prove that tattoos should be taken seriously as an incredible and powerful artistic medium. What these artists can do with a machine and some ink is mind's one thing to replicate a painting or a piece of art on a sheet of's a completely other thing when these fine art tattoos are perfect matches to what they duplicate. And then again, some of these artists have taken their fine art tattoos and created something a bit new...something inspired by, but still within the confines of their aesthetic.

Tattooing is, obviously, our favorite art technique. There is so much that can be expressed through the living canvas...fine art tattoos are only the start. But these pieces, and many more just like them or totally different, are exactly like being a living art gallery or museum. You trust your tattoo artist to create your dream tattoo, and you respect them enough to wear it proudly and with care. This selection of fine art tattoos may be specifically replications or inspirations of real paintings, but that doesn't mean your fine art tattoo can be totally different. The only limitation is the human imagination!

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