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You're My Favorite Prick: Cactus Tattoos

You're My Favorite Prick: Cactus Tattoos

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Perhaps a reminder of desert island vacations or heart warming homesteads, these cactus tattoos will prick ya right in the feels.

Many people feel a deep connection to the natural world, whether because it was what they grew up with, or spent special time with, or because they feel they never get enough of it. Cacti may not be the most cuddly or aesthetically pleasing plant to you, but for some they embody meaning and symbolism...such as a yearning for the wide open spaces of the desert. These cactus tattoos are perfect examples of that, and immediately when looking at them you can be transported to a totally different place and time, whether near or far.

Although you may think that deserts are dry, deathly places, they are actually infused with a great deal of diverse life. These cactus tattoos hint at some of that life, for within most cacti there is a wealth of natural sustenance. Saguaro cacti, for example, are host to a plethora of animals...including owls, woodpeckers, and sparrows. Some birds use the long tapered spiked of the cactus to hold its nest, while others, such as the woodpecker, burrow into the long body of the cactus. If you're lucky, you may one day see a bobcat resting a top one of these gigantic plants...they may not live inside them, but cacti definitely offer protection in a tough spot!

Not only birds, but bats, bees, moths, and butterflies are all pollinators of cacti, and the flowers of this plant vary greatly in color. Though many of these cactus tattoos may seem small, actual Saguaros can grow to be around 78 feet tall! And although they may not be endangered, there are strict regulations about the harvesting, collection, and destruction of the plant due to its environmental state of being home to so many different animals. Saguaros, in particular can live to be 200 years old, but once one of these plants dies its husk can actually be used to build furniture or roofing! How wild is that?!

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