You've Got a Friend in These Toy Story Tattoos

You've Got a Friend in These Toy Story Tattoos

The classic Disney/Pixar film inspired some sweet ink.

The release date for Toy Story 4 keeps getting pushed back, and it might be good for us. Toy Story 3 absolutely destroyed our emotions with its raw story of friendship and sacrifice, so who knows where the fourth installment of the franchise will take us.

With vibrant and original characters, along with unique and creative storytelling, it's no wonder all of the films in the Toy Story universe have been critical and commercial smash hits. Who can forget Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog, the Little Green Men, and Jessie? These are arguably some of the most important characters in cinema history.

While we wait for the fourth movie, we can at least appreciate the movies that preceded it and the tattoos that were inspired by the widely successful franchise.

Disney/Pixar has yet to put out a real stinker, so one has to assume that whatever they are working on next will be well-worth the wait. Let's just hope they don't make us wait too much longer for Toy Story 4.

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