Zac Scheinbaum's Metal-As-F*ck Skulls

Zac Scheinbaum's Metal-As-F*ck Skulls

There is no body part more metal than the skull, and Zac Scheinbaum's take on the cranium is not to be outdone.

If you are a fan of metal music, chances are you own a ton of paraphernalia that is covered in skulls. It's the most metal body part, and people have been using skulls as haunting imagery for decades, if not millennia. It's a spooky reminder of death and it conjures uneasy feelings for just about anyone who sees them. 

Staring into the empty eye sockets of a human skull reminds us of our own mortality, the inescapable grips death has around our necks. Staring into the soulless, gaping mouth will leave you breathless. It almost doesn't look human, but it's something that lies beneath our skin, waiting to be shown as our flash rots away.

That's metal as fuck, right?

Zac Scheinbaum has taken the haunting image of a skull and perfected it to his own liking. The skull tattoos he leaves on peoples' skin will make them much more intimidating to those who are frightened by these deathly designs.

Unholy skull. (via IG - zacscheinbaum) #skulls #blackandgrey #zacscheinbaum

Working in the black and grey style really adds to the macabre feel of these tattoos. Scheinbaum has certainly added to the horrifying theme of these skulls by sticking to that color scheme and style, while providing his own spin on the human anatomy.

If you are living in New York and you are looking to get a badass, metal-as-fuck skull, you're in luck. Scheinbaum is a tattoo artist at Kings Avenue, one of the legendary tattoo shops in New York City and Long Island. A Santa Fe, New Mexico native, Scheinbaum has come a long way from his humble beginnings in the southwest.  

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