Zelina Reissinger's Minimalistic Geometry

Zelina Reissinger's Minimalistic Geometry

Prepare to fall in love with Zelina Reissinger's intricate designs.

One of the most popular trends in tattooing today is minimalistic tattoos. They are cute, easy to hide (if need-be), and the top trendsetters in Hollywood and the fashion industry seem to fancy the designs. They are simple and spare, which is a style of art that many people relate to these days, with a complicated and insane world we live in.

With all of the turmoil of the world, sometimes it's just better to simplify things, and that's exactly what tattoo artist Zelina Reissinger specializes in. Her minimalist geometric designs are nothing more complicated than sparse black ink lines and shapes, but there is a lot of power in that simplicity. Take away the worries of the world, and bask in the glory of Reissinger's work.

Reissinger can be found applying her craft to skin at VADERS.DYE Tattoo in Hamburg, Germany. Though, according to her social media pages, she's planning on traveling to Paris and doing her thing in France for a bit.  She describes her style as "mystic ornamental" and credits her Asian, South American, and Arab background for her work's inspiration.

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