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10 Nostalgic Tattoos of Doraemon, the Wish-Granting Animé Cat

10 Nostalgic Tattoos of Doraemon, the Wish-Granting Animé Cat
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Dig into your time capsules and reconnect with Nobita's blue time-travelling cat from Japanese primetime animé, Doraemon.

If you grew up watching weird cartoons and animé, you might be familiar with Doraemon, the Japanese blue robot cat who faithfully granted all the most insane wishes of his dimwitted owner, Nobita.

The animé ran from 1973 to 2005 and ultimately making its debut on Disney in 2014. While it's not as popular as its shonen counterparts as say, Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, it stayed in many of its young viewers' hearts — some who kept Doraemon with them for life with simple, endearing tattoos.

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