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10 Tribal Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

10 Tribal Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram
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Tribal tattoo artists are keeping the flame of ethnic tattoo alive. They still tattoo the ancient designs our ancestors worn.

Sometimes even using the ancient tools and hand-poked tattoo technique. From Pacific tribal art to Nordic tattooing and Native American culture, the heirs of these traditions have spread in the world. Learning from archeological documents and the last tattoo veterans, young tattoo artists are travelling to perpetuate the passion of ethnic tattoo. If some natives are irritated to see their traditional designs inked on foreigners and by foreigners, the exchanges between different cultures is allowing tattoo lovers to salute their history, to be proud of their roots and to carry on the work and beliefs of gorgeous ancient civilizations. Here is just a glimpse of some cool tribal tattoo artists from everywhere in the planet.

Peter Madsen, Denmark @blackhandnomad

Deano Roberston, Canada @deano_robertson

Felipe Soares, Brasil @felipebuenaarte

Jean-Michel Manutea, Canada @jeanmichelmanutea

Jeroen Franken, Holland @jeroenfranken

Jim Orie, Holland @jimorie

Michelangelo, Italy @michelangelotattoo

Wiremu Barriball, New Zealand @wiremubarriball

Agnieszka Kulinka, Poland

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