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11 INKredibly Detailed Small Tattoos

11 INKredibly Detailed Small Tattoos
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The spotlight is on the itsy-bitsy teeny weeny ones. Those small tattoos featured here are nothing like we've ever seen before!

We've seen sleeves, full blown front & back pieces, and bodysuits rich with color and detail, yes. But have you ever given the small ones some appreciation? Today let's turn the spotlight on the itsy-bitsy teeny weeny ones. Those featured here are nothing like we've ever seen before. Nothing like those predictable small tattoos that are easy as that! In fact, these are small but terribly difficult! Tiny but rad! We hope we amaze you with these 11 incredibly amazing small piece tattoos that can only be done with hard work, keen eyes for detail, and dedication! Mad props to the artists who did these.

Check out this rad painting slightly bigger than a coin!!! Tattoo by Bong Chan (Philippines). Original painting by Filipino painter, Fernando Amorsolo.
And another one!!!! Tattoo by Bong Chan (Philippines)
Look at this amaaazing rendition of Starry, starry night on skin! Vincent van Gogh would be proud! Artist: Anil Gupta
A common place to get a detailed small-piece tattoo are on the fingers. Looks so cute! Tattoo by Jorge Becerra.
Mini companions for life!
Reproduce your favorite paintings on the skin! This painting's called "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.
Pulling off realism for such a small size require focus, mad skills & a good deal of patience.
Here's a bite-sized cupcake for you all!
We love tattoos whether big or small!
Finally this small cover-up masterpiece from Tattoodo's very own Megan Massacre!

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