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14 Lovable Hedgehog Tattoos For The Little Spikeball In Your Life

14 Lovable Hedgehog Tattoos For The Little Spikeball In Your Life
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If you're a proud hedgehog mommy or daddy, you're going to love a hedgehog tattoo dedicated to the spiky, adorable little critters.

First things first, don't confuse hedgehogs with porcupines. It's easy to confuse them with one another because of their prickly exteriors. While both have been known to be kept as pets in North America, domesticated hedgehogs are far more common around the world. They also vary largely in size and defense mechanism. Hedgehogs are quickly spiking in popularity as pets, and I can see why. They're cute, they stay tiny, and if you raise them well enough, they prove to be sweet companions. But not everybody knows how to properly take care of one. 

Photo of Pink Floyd found on myspoiledpups of Instagram. #pet #hedgehog

You might have heard about Pink Floyd, the rescued albino hedgehog dyed pink by his previous owners. He was all over news sites early this month. My heart went out to the little guy when I read how he turned out to be quite the tough little fellow, as he had adjusted easily and got along with his new family. Get some inspiration for a hedgehog tattoo dedicated to lovable spikeballs like Pink Floyd. 

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