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16 Dainty Xray Flower Tattoos

16 Dainty Xray Flower Tattoos
Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Taste the dark side of flowers with gorgeous xray flower tattoos. Nature is full of colors, but dark also suits it.

Experimenting with photography and xray techniques, some nature lovers have created incredible captures of flowers and other vegetals with xray, turning them into fragile and dark beauties. These pictures have inspired tattoo collectors who turned them into dainty xray flower tattoos. Turning them into negative is allowing really subtle shades of grey and elegant black designs. Flower tattoos are becoming more edgy, but are staying gorgeous and poetic. If you like creative ideas, then you could fall for these xray flower tattoos...

Gorgeous piece by Samantha Park.
By Robin Elizabeth.
By Moorea Hum.
Another delicate tattoo by Moorea Hum.
Elegant piece by Mighele.
Colored version by Liz @Tattoo Temple.
Charming one by Leila D'Amato.
Great idea for cover ups, here by Konstanze K.
Xray rose by Jose Carlos Del Campo.
Fantastic tattoo by Jon Pignataro...
Lovely one by Joe Metrix.
Nature piece by Jeremiah Klein.
Pop art version by Ivana Belakova.
Subtle work by eNo.
Charming piece by Emma Bundonis.
A poetic xray flower tattoo idea by Balazs Bercsenyi.

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