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18 Vibrant Traditional Dragon Tattoos

18 Vibrant Traditional Dragon Tattoos
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A western take on the classic Japanese image these traditional dragon tattoos are a vibrant tattoo choice for anyone!

Dragon tattoos are a popular tattoo design and the most popular dragon tattoos are the bold and brightly colored Japanese dragons. Japanese dragon tattoos are often large pieces and filled with great detail and strong Asian art style, of course Japanese dragons are not the only option when it comes to dragon tattoos. You could always go down the route of traditional western dragon tattoos!

Traditional dragon tattoos are done in the classic western style of tattooing, though they still have hints of the Japanese dragon imagery. Frequently a small design traditional dragon tattoos are not as detailed or as large as Japanese dragon tattoos but they still make for some vivid and vibrant ink. Flick your eyes over these traditional dragon tattoos and see a bold western take on a strong eastern image!!

Healed Color Dragon Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Cool Dragon Chest Tattoo by Luke Jinks
Dragon Head Tattoo by Greg Christian
Colorful Dragon Tattoo by Austin Maples
Solid Dragon Head Tattoo by Josh Sutterby
Dragon Head Tattoo by Ryan Shaffer
Cool Little Dragon Tattoo by Franz Stefanik
Bold Dragon Tattoo by Greg Christian
Dragon Tattoo by Alexander Wild
Dagger Dragon Tattoo by Hans joen Heggum
Dragon Tattoo by Harry Morgan
Blackwork Dragon Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Great Dragon Tattoo by Josh Sutterby
Dragon Tattoo by Joshua Marks
Awesome Dragon Tattoo by Juan Manuel Piranha Sancho
Dragon Tattoo by Luke Jinks
Badass Dragon Tattoo by Rich Hadley
Winged Dragon Tattoo by Rich Hadley

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. Lover of all things traditional and blackwork!