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20 X-citing X-Men Tattoos

20 X-citing X-Men Tattoos

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As both an X-Men and tattoo fan, works like these definitely excite me. Marvel gave the world what would soon be our favorite mutants.

As both an X-Men and tattoo fan, works like these definitely excite me. Marvel gave the world what would soon be our favorite mutants.

From the pages of heavily colored and inked comic books to the silver screen, Stan Lee's superheroes definitely have come a long way. Now, they are immortalized in many devoted fan's skin as individual pieces of art.
The tattoos featured here are all works of amazing artists with their own styles and fortes. They all did incredible jobs in bringing out what we all loved with this Marvel series.

1. Roman Warwink's Wolverine

In all the Wolverine tattoos done, an aspect the artist must always keep in mind when working on this character is Wolverine's blood thirst. Many mistake it for other things and end up not portraying him well. Warwink did a really good job capturing the wild one in this tattoo.

2. Cyclops and Wolverine Search by image Cyclops and Wolverine tattoo · Found on Search by image Cyclops and Wolverine tattoo · Found on

Though both are entirely different from each other, the artist made a good job in contrasting each other. Maybe Cyclops and Wolverine can't settle their differences just yet, but they do look equally powerful in this piece. Credits to the unknown owner.

3. Clint Cummings's Phoenix

Clint Cummings's Phoenix
Clint Cummings's Phoenix

This is only one of the very few tattoos that has done Ms. Grey some justice. Clint Cummings of 12 Tattoos and Bodypiercing with his skills in coloring the fiery Phoenix of the mutants, looking ready to shake the earth and burn it down.

4. John Embry's Nightcrawler

John Embry's Nightcrawler
John Embry's Nightcrawler

As what the artist would describe as 'art nouveau', this Nightcrawler in the shades of azure and midnight, might as well be hung on an art gallery's wall.

5. Jose Camarillo's Magneto

Camarillo's reproduction of Jose Deadato Jr.'s cover art for New Avengers Vol 1, #20 captured the master of magnetism himself perfectly, as reflected in his eyes the rage to be feared by many mutants.

6. Jerry Ware's Deadpool

jerry Ware's Deadpool
jerry Ware's Deadpool

Ware seemed to have  had a lot of  fun working on this piece in one session. He fused two-dimensional and 3-D elements with abstract lines and shading. Here, Deadpool looks menacing as ever.

7. Nikko Hurtado's Storm

Nikko Hurtado, doing what he does best: colored portraits. Storm, looking in her eyes, one can almost feel the cyclone approaching. Done in an oil paint-like style, Hurtado is one good tattoo artist.

8. GeeksterInk's Rogue and Gambit

Rogue and Gambit shippers rejoice! This tattoo actually does exist, courtesy of a hardcore shipper, by the talented people of GeeksterInk in Los Angeles. Beautifully done in traditional style.

9. Mick Squires's Mystique

Cheers to Australia, where the next artist hails from. Mick Squires's did an amazing job with this colored portraiture. Rebecca Romjin is looking sly and reptilian as ever, with how this tattoo comes alive.

10. Psylocke


Ron Lim himself shared this, sent by an unknown fan. The tattoo is simple, in its comic book style way, yet the artist clearly made an effort in keeping the style it was drawn with the ink and strokes he used.

11. Kyle Dunbar's Beast

On episode 5 of Ink Master Season 4, Kyle Dunbar did a gnarly Beast, or Hank McCoy, ready to pounce.

12. Matt G's Storm

Matt G's Storm
Matt G's Storm

Matt G from End of the Line Studio did an awesome job in this Storm leg piece. It looks like a part of a page from an X-Men graphic novel.

13. Matt Lukesh's Gambit

This was done as if Gambit leaped straight out of the comic book, into the skin and is about to jump out at you. Great colors with clean outlines should make the owner of this tattoo thankful for his artist.

14. Kris Busching's Juggernaut

Kris Busching's Juggernaut
Kris Busching's Juggernaut

And who could forget the Juggernaut? The big guy is looking tough and ready to wreck in a piece done by Long Island New Yorker, Kris Busching.

15. GeeksterInk's Wolverine

GeeksterInk has done it again. This guy now has an impressive wrist piece to show off. Nothing less to expect from the guys who specialize in amazing tattoos of pop culture.

16. Mick Squires's Beast

Mick Squires's Beast
Mick Squires's Beast

This is another X-Men piece from Mick Squires. Like the other, this was also done in incredible detail and color. Apart from Mystique and Beast, also has a Cyclops piece.

17. Ben Gadsby's Colossus 

The muscle of the team, in all his metallic glory, well-inked by Gadsby.

18. Benjamin Laukis's Deadpool

Can Deadpool look any more vicious? Stunning work of Benjamin Laukis.

19. Another Deadpool

Unlike the previous, this next tattoo is nowhere near realistic. That's what makes it so awesome. The colors, the outline, the details, this is comic book character done right-- oh-so-right. I'd go home with an enormous grin on my face if I was the one who got this one done.

20. John Blaze's Wolverine

John Blaze's Wolverine
John Blaze's Wolverine

This is another example of what I meant by blood thirst. Classic, comic book Wolverine ready for action.

If you think your X-Men tattoos are as amazing as the ones listed here, share your tattoos with us!

The picture below could have been a genius idea for a tattoo, only if  the owner had it done by a more experienced tattoo artist. It can be somehow saved though, if he would come to the right person this time.

wolwerine attempt
wolwerine attempt

(credit to the owner)

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