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22 Enticing Oriental Flower Tattoos

22 Enticing Oriental Flower Tattoos
Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Cherry blossoms, lotuses, peony's etc. have been painted, and now even oriental flower tattoos are getting inked and adorn people bodies!

Oriental nature has had a very large influence in both Eastern and Western art for centuries, with one of the most significant subjects and inspirations being flowers. Cherry blossoms, lotuses, peony's etc. have been painted, drawn and now tattooed thousands of times but they never lose their beauty or intensity, especially when they are done with an Oriental flair!!

Eastern art, particularly Japanese and Chinese, have had a major hand in the growth of tattooing and is the major influence for countless tattoo designs and styles. There is something innately beautiful about traditional Eastern imagery that never fails to please, so if you're thinking of your next tattoo being a flower then definitely consider giving it an Oriental style! The colors, the style, the flow of the design, you name it and Eastern inspired tattoos have it and even if you're not in the market for some new ink there's no harm in looking! So kick back and enjoy these 22 enticing oriental flower tattoos!!

Awesomeflower and snake sleeve, artist unknown
Butterfly Flower Tattoo by Blood Line Tattoos
Great sleeve by Andys Body Electric
Great tattoo by Flesh Tattoo Company
Carp Flower Tattoo by Colin Jones
Chest arm by Tattoo Studio Shangri-La
Demon Flower Tattoo by Shane Tan
Dragon, Koi And Flowers, Artist Unknown
Eagle Flower Snake Tattoo by Skull and Sword
Flower Japanese Koi Tattoo by 1969 Tattoo
Oriental Flower Tattoo
Flower Tattoo by Triple Six Studios
Flowers and wave sleeves by Slava Starkov
Geisha Buddha Flower Tattoo by Remis Tattoo
Oriental Flower Tattoo
Japanese Flower Tattoo by Shane Tan
Incredible Japanese Flower Tiger Tattoo by Tim McEvoy
Japanese Geisha Flower Tattoo by Chunkymaymay Tattoo
Japanese Landscape Tattoo by Lucky Bamboo Tattoo
Japanese Skull Flower Tattoo by Vienna Electric Tattoo
Oriental Flower Tattoo, artist unknown
Skull Flower Tattoo by Shane Tan

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. Lover of all things traditional and blackwork!

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