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29 Simple Yet Gorgeous Boxed Illustration Tattoos by Yi Stropky

29 Simple Yet Gorgeous Boxed Illustration Tattoos by Yi Stropky
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We fell in love with Vancouver-based tattooer, Yi Stropky's simple and tons lovable boxed illustration tattoos blackwork fans will enjoy.

Yi Stropky is a Vancouver-based blackwork tattooer who happens to be the maker of these lovely boxed pieces we're totally loving right now. He tattoos his flashes only once, though, making us want one even more. “I deeply value originality and creativity. That’s why I only tattoo my flashes once,” he writes in a post.

It's far from the modernistic art classicism many of the tattoos we admire posess these days, but his works are also nothing short of that simplistic vibe we can't help but love. If Stropky's tattoos were words, they'd be short and witty.

People seem to really enjoy his erotic-themed pieces.

Feminist-themed flashes were also a hit with Yi's clients.

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