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A Devotion to Creation: Motorink Finest Tattooing in Amsterdam

A Devotion to Creation: Motorink Finest Tattooing in Amsterdam
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In this guide to one of the greatest shops in Amsterdam, we introduce you to the talented tattoo artists of Motorink Finest Tattooing!

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, a wondrous city full of delightful surprises, is Motorink Finest Tattooing. Not only do they have some of the finest resident tattoo artists in the country, but their guesting artists will also blow your mind. 

Celio Henrique Macedo is the owner of Motorink, as well as a resident tattoo artist who has been tattooing for over 20 years. Born in Brazil, he relocated to Amsterdam in 2008. For Celio tattooing isn't just about the finished product...he's deeply invested in the happiness of the client and wants them to have a good experience. "I really talk to them. I ask them 'How are you doing today? How are you feeling in my shop?' I love to do that, because I treat them how I would want to be treated." 

Bojana, a resident tattooist at Motorink, hails from Belgrade, Serbia. Her style is delightful; full of whimsy, magic, and all depicted in a detailed illustrative approach. "Since an early age I love to draw and be myself on the paper...My style developed into a Fineline, Dotwork, Blackwork with a creative side that is both fun to do as it is challenging as well."

A regular guest at Motorink Finest is Gery, a Hungarian artist who has been tattooing since 2009. He received training as a graphic artist at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and you can see this influence on his bold blackwork. Whether it be flash, or custom pieces, Gery takes pride in his work and the detailed oriented aspects of each piece. Obviously a fan of the esoteric and ancient alchemical designs, Gery's tattoos are highly illustrative. 

Her tattoos are just as brightly colored as her hair!! Sanne, who comes from a small town near Amsterdam, has been deeply interested in tattooing since she was a kid. “My whole life I've been fascinated by the art of tattooing, and after some creative detours I do what I love the most. I tend to be drawn the most to colorful Traditional works, Old School and Neo Traditional.” And this influence is distinctly represented in her tattoos. Bold, bright, and beautiful, Sanne mixes Traditional aspects of design with the fun and brilliant tones. From butterflies and florals to ships and daggers, Sanne is the perfect person to get a dazzling piece from.

Since he started drawing at the age of 6, Junior has always been fascinated by all forms of fine art. Originally from Brazil, he traveled around South America and Europe before deciding to make Amsterdam his permanent home. His style is very diverse: black and grey, color, realism, illustrative, and even Japanese. But what is most important to Junior is that his client is happy with their piece, and that they create something together that will last a lifetime. “I love to connect my work and feelings with the body of my clients and create stories behind every line and stroke.” His collectors come to him for a variety of reasons...some get highly detailed realistic depictions of famous architecture, while others want ancient Japanese deities. But he’s always happy to acquiesce to any request.

Another Brazilian, Israel is known for his fascination with the dark arts. A professional tattoo artist for 5 years now, his style is illustrative, but bold and black. “He has always been fascinated by mysticism and occultism” These facets of ancient history are represented by another inspiration of his: fifteenth century woodcuts. Using strong contrast, expressive lines and dots, Israel depicts everything from animals and flowers to reapers and monsters.

Like most cities these days Amsterdam is dotted with about a million tattoo studios....but that doesn't make them good. Which is why, if you happen to be in the area, you should check out Motorink. They're all about providing the highest quality tattoos, no matter what design or style you're looking for, and they create this art in one of the chillest environments in the city. 

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