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Ami's Shop Dog Mojo Raised the Stakes in Episode 4 of Mystery Tattoo

Ami's Shop Dog Mojo Raised the Stakes in Episode 4 of Mystery Tattoo

TattoodoTV2 min Read

The official mascot of Love Hate Miami became the star of last week's Mystery Tattoo – permanently adorning the body of our contestants.

If you haven't had a chance to tune into Mystery Tattoo, live on Tattoodo's Facebook page every Friday at 10pm EST, you're fucking up.

The first "loser" of the night gets inked by Federico in the "glory hole". He was lucky that the audience chose and insanely cool design for him to wear for the rest of his life.

Viewers of Mystery Tattoo are like low-level gods controlling a contestant's destiny.

Last week, Mojo, the world's laziest bulldog, became the star of the show with a variety of  themed challenges and designs that paid homage to a dog that is arguably the most lovable member of the Miami shop. Each round featured an insane caricature of Mojo and a challenge in his honor.

Mojo doesn't actually have a drinking problem (anymore).

The remaining contestants got a hell of a surprise when they were tasked with completing one side of a symmetrical design. Being told to draw something on the spot like that isn't an easy feat, but one contestant decided to take some artistic liberties that the audience didn't agree with – he was voted the "loser" by a wide margin. 

The night's final challenge involved a combination of dog whispering, charisma, and dumb luck. Each contestant called for Mojo, and whomever he chose became the winner of a tattoo from Ami James valued at up to $1000. Not a bad prize considering there are no real "losers" on the show. 

There's more insanity in store for next week. Make sure to tune into Mystery Tattoo live on Tattoodo's Facebook page at 10pm EST every Friday and play god with us. Your vote can determine what one of these (un)lucky contestants has inked onto their skin for the rest of their lives. 

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