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Anderson and Anderson: Tattoos Inspired by the Films of Paul Andersons

Anderson and Anderson: Tattoos Inspired by the Films of Paul Andersons
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What are the odds that two Hollywood directors are both named Paul Anderson?

What’s in a name? Is there a more cliché Shakespeare quote for hack internet writers to turn to when they need to start another uninspired article? Well, after 15 minutes of staring at a blank word document with my marijuana smoke-addled eyes, I got nothing better. And I’m going to double down on the clichés by following that up with “the devil is in the details.” I’m sorry, there’s too much meta-commentary here, let me just start over.

Fucking insane Event Horizon tattoo by Dobi Slavov #dobislavov #eventhorizon #paulwsanderso
Boogie Nights tattoo by Mike DeVries (via IG -- mdtattoostudio) #MikeDeVries #boogienights #paulthomasanderson
Resident Evil movie tattoo #residentevil #millajovovich #paulwsanderson
There Will Be Blood tattoo by Den Yakovlev #DenYakovlev #therewillbeblood #paulthomasanderson

Then there’s Paul W. S. Anderson who is responsible for nothing but popcorn entertainment. His films are often based on other source materials, whereas P. T. Anderson wrote most of his films from original ideas. Paul W. S. Anderson is responsible for big screen adaptations of Mortal Kombat, Alien VS Predator, Resident Evil, The Three Musketeers, and a remake of Death Race. However, the best Paul W. S. Anderson film came from an original idea from screenwriter Philip Eisner – Event Horizon. His films aren’t critically acclaimed like another Paul Anderson’s, but they are usually more fun to watch.

Event Horizon piece by Paul Acker #Paulacker #eventhorizon #paulwsanderson
There Will Be Blood tattoo by Eric Guidry (via IG -- ericguidryart) #ericguidry #therewillbeblood #paulthomasanderson
Alien vs Predator back piece #alien #predator #paulwsanderson
Handpoked Phillip Seymour Hoffman as his character from Mangolia. #magnolia #paulthomasanderson

If these Paul Anderson tattoos leave you hungry for more of both directors’ work, you’re in luck. Next year will see the release of the Paul W. S. Anderson-directed adaptation of the hit video game Monster Hunter while Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread (which Daniel Day Lewis has stated shall be his final film) will arrive in theaters later this year.

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