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Anti-Racist Tattoos Are Now More Important Than Ever

Anti-Racist Tattoos Are Now More Important Than Ever
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We give mad props to anyone fighting racism in this country, with their voices or with tattoo ink

The events of this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia are equally troubling and sad. While America is great melting pot of people and ideas, this only works with full acceptance. America means many things to many different people, and sadly for some citizens of this country, America apparently means a land of white pride and nationalism. However, this is entirely antithetical to what America is and has become. This nation would crumble to dust without the contributions of all of its peoples and cultures. Hatred and bigotry have no place here. We’re looking at some anti-racist tattoos today because even though we rarely take public stances here at Tattoodo, we’re taking one now on the subject of racism and fascism. And our position basically boils down to “fuck this shit.”

Fuck Nazis tattoo by Ingrid Häxan (via IG -- vurdalakacid_) #IngridHaxan #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo

Fuck Nazis tattoo by Ingrid Häxan (via IG -- vurdalakacid_) #IngridHaxan #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo

Hitler suicide by Jorge Ramirez (via IG -- jorgeramireztattoo) #jorgeramirez #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo
Goodnight white pride tattoo #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo

Robert E. Lee was no hero. Take a look at this quote from the general and try to fathom why we should honor him with statues:

Antifa tattoo by Renat Mercyful (via IG -- superflytat2) #RenatMercyful #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo
Antifa tattoo (via IG -- fritatu) #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo
Death before fascism tattoo #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo
Love music hate fascism (via IG -- lkrg77) #antiracist #antiracisttattoo #antiracism #antiracismtattoo

We are forever grateful to those on the front-lines of this fight. We give our unconditional support to all the active Antifa movements in this country. And we give a big Tattoodo salute to anyone out there sporting an anti-racist tattoo.

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