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Attitude, Misfits Tattoos Got Some F'n Attitude...

Attitude, Misfits Tattoos Got Some F'n Attitude...
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While we are 138 and we want your skull, we also want punk buddies. A Crimson Ghost tattoo let's people know you're a true Misfit.

It’s a strange thing when one single aspect of a band — the stereotypes of Grateful Dead fans or Axl Rose’s prima donna attitude — tends to overshadow everything else about that band. When we talk about one of the most revered punk bands of all time, The Misfits, chances are that their music will not be the first thing you think of. Or even the fifth. Some will think about the devillock, others will recall the glorious meme of Danzig buying cat food or possibly the video of him getting knocked the fuck out. But most likely you’ll think about the Crimson Ghost — the band’s iconic mascot.

New Jersey's favorite band. (Via IG - bryan_kienlen) #misfits
We are 138! (Via IG - bjrhines89) #misfits
A cute punk girl with a Misfits patch. (Via IG - moira.ramone)
I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch, you better think about it, baby! (Via IG - staciejascott) #misfits

I went to college at Purdue University in beautiful West Lafayette, Indiana. While an excellent school, Purdue was not the left leaning liberal haven that one might find in, say, Berkeley. At the time I may have been the only person on campus with green hair and it was a lot easier to find people who wanted to play beer pong than it was to recruit friends to go to a basement show. So when I lined up behind a giant man with a Crimson Ghost patch prominently sewn onto the back of a leather duster one morning in the mess hall, you can be goddamn sure I started talking to him. 

That's one chill penguin. (Via IG - stoltatuppentattoo) #misfits
I want your skull... I need your skull! (Via IG - bobby_ellis) #misfits
Classic Misfits. (Via IG - coreyclarktattoos) #misfits
Texas is the reason for this tattoo. Ride, Johnny, ride. (Via IG hellbillyscum) #misfits

The point being, that something as silly as a band logo has the potential to connect people in a very meaningful ways. On the surface level, it lets you know that when you sing the "woah" parts of any given Misfits song that you won’t be alone, but it also opens the door into the personality of a like-minded person. This is why I get pissed off every time I walk up to someone wearing a Misfits shirt in a NYC bar, start talking about why Walk Among Us is an amazing album, and I’m met with a blank stare and an explanation that they bought the shirt at a vintage shop for only $80.

Cool twist on a traditional motif. (Via IG - jgues_oct) #misfits
Bart Simpson rocking the devilock. (Via IG - jimmy_v8_) #misfits #thesimpsons
A Kewpie doll version of Glenn Danzig. (Via IG - lozzy_losbourne) #misfits
That look, tho.... (Via IG - minnie_tattoos) #misfits
That Misfits ice cream looks delicious. (Via IG - miykey) #misfits
The Crimson Ghost in action. (Via IG - severepunishment) #misfits
Teenagers from Mars... we don't care! (Via IG - teawulfe)
A blackwork Crimson Ghost tattoo.

If you've got the attitude, that fucking attitude, to pull off a Misfits tattoo of your own make sure you check out each of these artists on Instagram. 

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