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Back Pieces, Chest Pieces and Full Bodysuits, Oh My! Top Torso Tattoos

Back Pieces, Chest Pieces and Full Bodysuits, Oh My! Top Torso Tattoos
Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

In this collection of the top torso tattoos we bring together some of the best back tattoos, chest tattoos, and even a bodysuit or two.

Today we have torso tattoos...back pieces, chest pieces, tattoos on stomach, sides, sleeve, and even full bodysuits. This collection is all about grabbing up the best big as f*** commitments to the tattoo art form. And, yes, it is a big leap into body modification...because, let's face it, after you go down this rabbit hole, there really isn't any turning back unless you have thousands and thousands to spend on tattoo removal. And even if you do have the cash, heads up: it's way more painful to take your tattoos away than it is putting them on. But what do we love about huge torso tattoos? It's the perfect embodiment of the collector and tattoo artist coming together to create something incredible. These tattoos show the dedication of so many people to the tattoo community, and what's not to love about that?

Our best advice when it comes to collecting tattoos is to go with your gut...and no, we don't mean literally just tattoo your stomach first...we meant that you've only got so much skin. So, what you really love, or what you care about, is probably what you should start with. We get so many people asking us for good tattoo designs, or beautiful tattoo inspiration, but really...we can only take you so far. Most of us know what we enjoy doing more than anything else...some of us could watch Netflix forever, some of us love FIFA, others really dig fashion...whatever it is that gets you out of bed every morning, is probably what will inspire your tattoos. We totally dig it when people go all the guy who got that an insane Dragon Ball Z back piece (bum included) tattoo. Or people who give their entire bodies to one artist like Jondix or Gakkin.

Really, too, not only do you have to take into account everything you love, but also, maybe your aesthetic. There are a bunch of people in the Tattoodo office who have opted for black and grey, or blackwork, because they personally just like the look of it better! Plus, just saying, we never clash with any outfit...cuz black matches everything, ya know? But others like really bright colors! Or bold Traditional flash! Some people might not even feel that creative, so they just find an artist whose style or aesthetic they can trust and appreciate and let that artist do all the work for them. It's a good way to go!

Plus, just FYI, that's what we're here. Not only do we give you tons of inspo for your next chest tattoo or back tattoo, we also hook you up with the best tattoo artists...we're all about making things as easy as possible for you. We know that sometimes it can be overwhelming or intimidating going through all the insanely talented tattoo artists out there...hopefully, we can help you with that. We also have tons of guides on how to care for you tattoo, or how to talk to your tattoo artist about custom tattoos...something that may come in handy if you're trying to get a big ass bodysuit down!!! If you ever have any questions, let us know. We always love to hear from you.

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