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‘Beauty and The Beast’ Tattoos that Make Us Want to Sing

‘Beauty and The Beast’ Tattoos that Make Us Want to Sing
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The live-action version is coming out this weekend, so be our guest and enjoy all of these tattoos based on the classic cartoon.

Disney’s live-action remake of the 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beast makes its stateside debut this weekend. We admit that, for all the problems of a love story based on holding a young woman hostage in a secluded castle filled with sentient household objects determined to keep her there, it looks pretty damn gorgeous. The one question that plagues us, however, is whether or not the movie will hold up to our high expectations, because the original is one one hell of an act to follow. Even if the new film flops, at least there are all of these nostalgic pieces of body art to remind us of how amazing the first one was.

An entire entire leg sleeve devoted to Beauty and the Beast by Flage (IG—flage_). #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #Flage #legsleeve

An entire entire leg sleeve devoted to Beauty and the Beast by Flage (IG—flage_). #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #Flage #legsleeve

When it debuted more than a quarter-century ago, Beauty and the Beast became an instant hit, cementing Disney’s already burgeoning Renaissance. The film was the first animated feature to be up for an Oscar for Best Picture — even though it lost out to The Silence of the Lambs, the nomination alone was no small feat, especially considering the cartoon epic was also up against “serious films” like JFK, The Prince of Tides, and Bugsy

The Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast by Kendoo Caviedes (IG—ikendootattoos). #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #KendooCaviedes #realism #TheEnchantedRose
A neo-traditional depiction of the Beast holding Belle by Joel-O-Rama (IG—pizza.wulf). #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #JoelORama #neotraditional
An adorable depiction of Chip blowing bubbles by Jackie Huertas (IG—tattoosbyjaclyn). #BeautyandtheBeast #Chip #Disney #JackieHuertas
Ben Ochoa captures the magic of Disney's Beauty and the Beast (IG—ben_ochoa). #BeautyandtheBeast #BenOchoa #Disney
The whole gang from Beauty and the Beast by Troy Slack (IG—prhymesuspect). #BeautyandtheBeast #Chip #Disney #Lumiere #Cogsworth #MrsPotts #TroySlack
A lovely lady head of Belle by Katherine Smith (IG—katherinemagnetic). #BeautyandtheBeast #Belle #Disney #KatherineSmith #ladyhead #traditional
A stained glass Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast by Mae La Roux (IG—missmaelaroux). #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #MaeLaRoux #stainedglass #TheEnchantedRose
A blackwork Beast by Anrijs Straume (IG—anrijsstraume). #AnrijsStraume #blackandgrey #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney
The Beast getting all cleaned up by Alex Strangler (IG—alexstrangler). #AlexStrangler #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #traditional
A depiction of Belle and the Beast from the live action version of the Disney Classic by Jurgis Mikalauskas (IG—jurgismikalauskas). #BeautyandtheBeast #Disney #JurgisMikalauskas #portraiture #realism

If these tattoos didn’t leave you swimming in nostalgia, check out the latest trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast. Judging from the footage, it looks like this is going to be a fairly faithful remake, even shot-for-shot in some scenes, and it’ll be something to see how the film’s directors handle “Be Our Guest” and its accompanying dining set dance number. To see more body art that take after Disney movies, make sure to visit these tattooists’ Instagrams.

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