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Behind The Brush: The Life And Times Of Pablo Picasso

Behind The Brush: The Life And Times Of Pablo Picasso
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We take a look at the life of Picasso and some beautiful tattoos inspired by his work.

Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole, or so Jonathan Richman would have us believe. It’s a tough claim to validate or refute. Picasso was a playboy and celebrity, roles that visual artists rarely get to play. While he may be known for money, women, and fame, none of this would have been possible without his art.

Cubist bull and woman by Topo Gonzalez (via IG -- topofoto) #topogonzalez #bull #picasso
Cubist bull by Joe (via IG -- ohnojoe) #joe #bull #picasso
Picasso portrait by Steven Donohue (via IG -- learntohate81) #stevendonohue #portrait #picasso
Cubist bull by Topo Gonzalez (via IG -- topofoto) #topogonzalez #bull #picasso
Picassso line portrait by Eheon (via IG -- eheon_art) #eheon #portrait #picasso
Picassso's famous drawing of a girl by Lana Bosak (via IG -- lanalikescats) #lanabosak #portrait #picasso
Another cubist masterpiece by Santiago Ambrosio (via IG -- santiagoelefante) #santiagoambrosio #cubist #picasso
The ubiquitous girl again. By John-boy Mattie (via IG -- johnboymattie) #johnboymattie #portrait #picasso
I never knew how much Picasso loved bulls. By Freda People Tattoo (via IG -- fredapeopletattoo) #fredapeopletattoo #cubist #picasso

These beautiful reproductions of the works of Picasso as tattoos serve as yet another way in which his legacy lives on. Truly, a Picasso tattoo is work of art.

Servo Jefferson
Written byServo Jefferson

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