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Belly Button Tattoos, Because Piercing Them Stopped Being Cool In 1998

Belly Button Tattoos, Because Piercing Them Stopped Being Cool In 1998
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Can you spot the lint in these photos of sweet belly button tattoos?

One of the best things about being a placental mammal has got to be our cool belly buttons. These adorable little divots or ridges on our tummies not only look awesome but feel great. Just poke your finger into yours and wiggle it around for hours of enjoyment. This rad body part is also highly applicable to inclusion in rad tattoos. Belly button tattoos are a wonderful and often humorous use of the human body.

I don't even need to say anything. (via IG -- norskblod_tattoo) #gloryhole #69 #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos
Some classic internet right here. #taz #tazttattoos #tazmaniandevil #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos
Another piece of classic internet. #buddah #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos
This belly button looks like an anus. By Eric Vandyk. (via IG -- mrericvandyktattoos) #ericvandyk #flower #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos

A belly button is also a really handy thing to have because it is the preferred route of entry into the human body for a number of abdominal surgeries. These days, if your appendix is coming out, it’s coming out through your tummy button.

Great use of the belly button by Bryan Randolph (via IG -- hellotattoomagazine) #BryanRandolph #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos
What a great way to commemorate the birth of a child! (via IG -- bblover71) #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos
The mouth of a nun by Stara Broda (via IG -- starabroda) #starabroda #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos
Hilarious(via IG -- suckytattoos) #bellybutton #bellybuttontattoo #bellybuttontattoos

These belly button tattoos are all incredible applications of a frankly weird part of the human body. Maybe you might want to consider taking your finger out of your belly button now and calling your tattoo artist to set up an appointment for one of your own.

Servo Jefferson
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