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Blank Is Boring: Colorful Photos by the Amazing Kamila Burzymowska

Blank Is Boring: Colorful Photos by the Amazing Kamila Burzymowska
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Some of my favourite work by this amazing female tattoo photographer.

Kamila Burzymowska from Poland is one of the hottest photographers working in the tattoo scene at the moment. You'll have no doubt seen her work before, and if you haven't... now is your chance!

"Blank is boring..."
Stunning back tattoo, photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #backtattoo #back #warrior #woman #backpiece #photography
Miss Kelly Bakewell, photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #pinup #misskellybakewell #photography
"When I see people with tattoos I see art and passion..."

This very skilled lady started taking photos back in 2012. Based near Warsaw, Poland, she's most certainly got a thing for taking photos of tattoos. "I only work with tattoo models," she tells me. The photographer travels all over the world to capture some of the world's biggest tattoo events. If you're a convention virgin, Kamila's photos perfectly represent the buzz and excitement of a tattoo gathering of this kind.

She's also snapping front covers for some of the most popular tattoo magazines, projects and models. She's currently the official photographer for the front covers of Skin Deep, which is the UK's best selling tattoo magazine. As I started to explore her work, both online and in print, I wasn't able to stop, so I knew I had to share some of these awesome photos with you guys ASAP.

Capturing an artist at work, photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #poland #warsawtattooconvention #tattooartist #artist #photography
Tattooist Local Pirate, photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #localpirate #photography

When I briefly got the chance to speak to Kamila and I had just one question on my lips... why tattoos? "For four years I have only been working with tattooed models and photographing only tattooed people," she told me. "You ask why? Well, when I see people with tattoos I see art and people full of passion. I love to shoot them and show how colourful they are. Blank is boring!"

Poland has a thriving tattoo scene at the moment, with some of the most vibrant and exciting styles and events gaining more popularity and respect in the tattoo industry worldwide. I've personally visited the Krakov Tattoo Convention before in this extremely artsy and alternative Polish city, and I was so impressed by the level of artwork. A trip to Kamila's neck of the woods must be on the cards for me again soon, I hope. Judging by her photos, the Warsaw Tattoo Convention, which she also frequently captures, is an equally important event in the European experimental art circuit.

Joanna Akvark0 Zielińska, photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #chopper #harleydavidson #photography
Fuel Girls at Tattoofest Convention Krakow, photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #poland #tattoofest #fuelgirls #photography
Photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #tattooed #photography #photography
Olie Siiz at the Warsaw Tattoo Convention, photo by Kamila Burzymowska #KamilaBurzymowska #poland #warsawtattooconvention #photography

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